Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Capella De Ministrers - Trobadors (2005)

Without question one of the most astounding discoveries of my (second hand) odyssey through classical music that was Seb Hunter's book has been my discovery of this album.
Seb makes reference to a couple of minstrel-type (i.e. 21-ish century coutier music) "collectives" (these people are never bands), neither of whose albums I could find (not for free, anyway). I did, however, and entirely by chance, find this.
Capella De Ministrers are a Catalan group of bods who make very old music together. Have a look at their website below and try not to laugh when you press the translate button. They do, however, make very old music in a way that sounds absolutely astounding.
This album is, in effect, a compilation of a number of 12th & 13th century European composers of troubador music and it couldn't, to be honest, sound more up to date. Every track echoes the world music that mags like Mojo are constantly telling you to listen to, from the North African-type sounds of Raimbaut de Vaiqeros to the Celtic of the "Anon." tracks. From the Ofra Hazar-esque Aimeric de Peghilhan to the pre-Tinariwen Giraut de Bornelh. And remember, these are all European songs from 800 years ago!
I urge you to listen to this album and defy you not to find something you like.

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