Monday, 31 August 2009

Young Moss Tongue

Michael Dust Devil recently brought his astounding blog back to us after "going private" for a time, an event for which we can only thank him.
I've looked a Very Large Number of blogs over the years but YoungMossTongue is truly awe inspiring, not least for the sheer quantity of uploads.
Primarily looking at inependant music, he doesn't restrict himself to a decade or a genre but covers a vast number of artists from throughout the history of popular music.
Clearly a muso himself he's drawn to those on the outskirts of the industry who may have had critical acclaim but remained "cult" figures and the blog is all the better for it. A quick look down his band tags will give you some idea of the enormity of the site and the work that's gone into it.
There's no chat (at all) but there's no need here.
Pay Michael a visit, but be prepared to spend A LOT of time with him.


  1. some VERY good stuff here

    cheers for the heads up Rich

  2. You're right, G&R, it's a GREAT site!

    Thanks for the comments.


  3. My pleasure, Michael, and much deserved.

    Thanks for commenting.